Message From Minister & Secretary


Minister For Zakat & Ushr Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Chief Administrator Zakat & Ushr Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


The Government of Pakistan introduced Zakat system in the country for the first time in 1980 through an Ordinance. Till 1994, the system worked under the administrative control of provinces. In July, 1994 it was federalized and went under the direct supervision of Federal Govt: for two and a half years. In 1997, the centralized control of the Federal Govt: was done away with and operations of Zakat system was entrusted to Provincial Zakat Administrations. As a sequel of 18th constitutional amendment, Zakat system has also been devolved to the Provinces. Certain matters already being dealt with by the Ministry of Zakat and Ushr have been transferred to Zakat & Ushr Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


1.Development of Policies, arrangements for proper collection, disbursement and utilization of Zakat and Ushr and maintenance of their Record / Accounts.

2. Release of Funds to:
a) Local Zakat Committee.
b) Deeni Madaris.
c) Educational Institutions for grant of scholarship to Mustahiq students.
d)Vocational Training Institutes for Mustahiq-e-Zakat students for their permanent    Rehabilitation.
e) Health Institution i.e. Hospitals & Blood Transfusion centers etc.

3. Assessment and Collection of Ushr proceeds and its deposit in the Personal Ledger Accounts (PLAs) of District Zakat & Ushr Committees.

4.  Preparation of annual budget for disbursement of Zakat and Ushr Funds by the Provincial Zakat Council and its approval.

5.  Monitoring of the Collection, Disbursement and utilization of Zakat and Ushr funds and arrangements for their periodical and annual inspection and audit.


NEWS / Events
  • FAREEHA PAUL took the charge of Secretary Zakat, Ushr, Social Welfare, Special Education & Women Empowerment Department.
    29th September, 2017